Monday, September 12, 2011

One Piece Wonder

Wes Gordon NYFW SS2012 from

I'll keep this post short and sweet, because I think the image speaks for itself. How pretty and fresh is this outfit, hot from the Wes Gordon show in New York?

I love love love this look but the chances of me snagging any item of Wes' are slim, and the beauty of this piece is the expensive fabric and perfect tailoring (Wes trained with some of the best couturiers). I was, however, inspired to buy my daughter a gorgeous ditsy print jumpsuit from Cotton On yesterday, and with a black grosgrain ribbon belt she will be the cutest fashionista around.

What do you think, Beaunz belles? Have you ever worn a jumpsuit?



Melissa said...

These are particularly pretty but not for me, I know you have....and it was well before anyone else was, you're always ahead of the game. You're my fashionista! I think I'd look more like I was wearing a pair of overalls, like some sort of builder (rather than a fashionista). Oh dear.... x

Beaunz said...

It's because you have lovely boobs Melissa! The only time I wore a one piece was at my hen party, when I was at my slimmest and before motherhood upped my cup size. Jugs and jumpsuits are not a happy fashion pairing.... xx