Thursday, September 8, 2011

Farewell winter...helloooo winter!

Image courtesy of Adrian Hailwood

I'm no fashion expert so you won't hear me critiquing a runway collection for its 'cohesion' or 'voice'. I watch Project Runway religiously, but am usually completely at odds with the judges decisions. I know what I like when I see it, but have no idea why!

At NZFW, one of my favourite shows was Adrian Hailwood, so I was taken aback when I read blogger Bronwyn Williams' review of his collection on She even went so far as to call it 'bleeding awful.' My first reaction was 'well, why don't YOU try designing a collection for fashion week, missy!?'. Constructive criticism is how we all learn and grow, but her review was downright nasty and to be quite honest, a little immature. I love reading the collection overviews on as they trickle in after each London, New York, Milan and Paris Fashion Week. Nicole Phelps has the tactful shake of the head down to a fine art, and clearly appreciates the long months of work and effort designers put into their collection.

Putting your creative heartbeat out into the public is terrifying, and every designer I have met does so with a knot in their stomach and their mental shield raised and ready. Adrian is clearly talented; he has successfully run the retail gauntlet for over ten years now. We don't all have to like his clothes, but surely he deserves a little more respect than he was shown by Bronwyn? It's easy to hide behind the relative anonymity of the internet and I doubt she would have been so rude had she been asked for her opinion in person.

A quick skim of the dozen or so other reviews showed a more positive reaction, but it got me thinking about fashion and just who it is that decides what we, the consumer, will be wearing from season to season. If I hadn't seen the collection myself and was a Bronwyn Williams follower, would I have been swayed into not liking Adrian's clothes as well? Not a chance! There were so many beautiful pieces, I can't believe I have to wait nine months to see them in store. The blue and white floral print bed jacket with black trim was my favourite piece of the week - I will wear this to death come winter 2012, along with the tiered cape and the midnight blue button-up and the mohair ombre I really wishing for winter again already?

What about you, lovely readers? What have you seen in the coverage of Fashion Week that you can't wait to buy?


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