Saturday, September 3, 2011

Away with words

I'm a sucker for beautiful words written in beautiful fonts, and a couple of months after having my daughter, I finally summonsed the courage to have a tattoo on my inner arm. It reads 'S'asseoir, regarder le ciel' which means to sit and look at the sky. I love the saying as it reminds me to stop, take a breath and look around me to find the inspiration I need. As of this morning, only a handful of people know about my tattoo but I guess that's about to change!

At New Zealand Fashion Week, I spotted this embroidery on the inner arm of Peter Shand's WORLD suit and he was kind enough to let me take a photo. It reads 'Je vais continuer' or 'I will go on'. The other arm reads 'Je ne peu pas continuer' - 'I can't go on.'

Peter had the suit customised, and it turns out he also has tattoos on his inner arm, although the lights went down for the COOP show before he could roll up his sleeves to show me.

What about you? Do any of you have a secret tattoo? Or even a not-so-secret one with beautiful script or words?


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