Sunday, September 4, 2011

It's a shoe-in: Celine

Celine AW2012 from

Once upon a time, exposing your ankles was not just titilating, it was downright shocking. These days, we're more likely to debate whether to show legs or cleavage (or if you're channelling Lady Gaga it's probably both - and some!) but this little peep of ankle between the saucy sliced trousers and black stilettos is the sexiest thing I have seen in a long time.

Women's ankles are dainty and feminine, especially when enhanced by a clever little shoe like this one. Sorry Jeffrey Campbell, but your clunky, clompy platforms have finally hit saturation point! I'm on the hunt for a pointy toed stiletto.

What about you, lovely readers? What shoes are you coveting for the new season?



Tamsin said...

Love... so classy.... the pointed toe is great for making legs look longer....x

Melissa said...

Not great for fat feet like mine, but agree, sooooo sexy!

Beaunz said...

Melissa - I have seen your feet and they're not fat! But I'm all for making legs look longer...x