Saturday, September 17, 2011

If only I had...a rich fairy godmother

The Boy Chanel bag

Owning a Chanel bag is on my bucket list. Some people want to go bungy jumping (never!), others want to visit Paris (done) but I will leave this world a happier woman with a couple of interlocking Cs tucked under my arm. It's not about status or street cred, in fact I would much prefer my family and friends were blissfully unaware of just how much that arm candy cost. To me, a piece of Chanel is an investment. A future heirloom for my daughter, and her daughter. I just hope I get to wear it for a few years first.

As much as I love the traditional quilted 2.55, the new androgynous Boy Chanel hits all the right notes for me. Sleek and industrial looking, it was apparently inspired by a hunting  cartridge bag carried by Coco herself. I love that from side on  it looks like an antique book.

I figure if I put myself on the waiting list now and start saving, I should just be able to afford it when my name comes up in ten years time. 

What about you, lovely readers? What would you buy if you had a rich fairy godmother?



Anonymous said...

bungy jumping is way better - no-one can take away that feeling

Ben said...

Bungy jump tick.....An Aston Martin Vantage is on my possession bucket list

Beaunz said...

I'd like to be able to say I have bungy-jumped, I just don't want to actually do it.