Thursday, September 29, 2011

Macarons set my heart aflutter

Limited edition Laduree box by Matthew Williamson

When I spotted this beautiful, limited edition London Fashion Week Ladurée box by Matthew Williamson I was instantly transported back to my first macaron experience.
It was a sparkling spring morning, the minty green awnings of Ladurée's first London boutique had just been lowered and I ducked inside with a friend to sample what had been described to me as a 'miniature mouth explosion'. It was like stepping into Charlie & the Chocolate factory, all pastel walls and gold leaf appliqué, and rows upon rows of rainbow hued macarons.
Choosing just one was impossible, so I bought a half dozen box to share with friends back at the office. I'll be honest, they didn't make it. I ate two on the spot (raspberry - jaw-seizing tart and laden with real seeds, and salted caramel - gooey and narcotic-like) with a pot of the Ladurée tea of orange, rose, vanilla and cinnamon. My friend and I parted ways, each clutching a signature green box and marveling at our self-control. Ha. On the bus back to the office I polished off a limited edition mint-chocolate macaron in one mouthful (my least favourite) and to counter the disappointment, followed it up with pistachio (delicate and delicious). I now had a conundrum, as there were three girls in the office and only two macarons left. It didn't take long to reach the inevitable conclusion involving me, my tongue and two heavenly strawberry macarons. The resulting sugar high and subsequent crash was mindblowing but completely worth it.
When I arrived back in New Zealand the only thing I missed (other than friends and Paris) was the macaron. Oh the sick, torturous pleasure of googling 'Ladurée'. One day I took a punt and googled 'macaroon new zealand' and hallelujah! I chanced upon J'aime les Macarons, based in Christchurch and turning out traditional, handmade macarons. If you are in Auckland, you can have one with your coffee at Dizengoff (get in early) or you can order online and they will send anywhere in New Zealand. If you haven't had the pleasure of a mouthful of macaron, you are truly missing out on one of life's delights. Best of all, they are one of the few sweet treats that are gluten free and better for it.
What about you, lovely readers? Have you tried a macaron?

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Anonymous said...

omgggggg No i haven't but am pretty sure I am going to dream about it tonight after that post!!!! (jennie)