Work with Beaunz

Who is the Beaunz Belle?
While she is predominantly a treasured New Zealand species (76% to be exact) Beaunz belles are popping up all over the world. She loves her gentle daily nudge to stop, take a breath and appreciate a thing of beauty, probably while sipping her tea or coffee (or Champagne!) and juggling work and home life.

Beaunz Traffic
Beaunz launched in September 2011 and has grown steadily in reader traffic. In October 2011, an average of 1,500 Beaunz belles visited the blog once a week or more, 25% of those visited every day. The average visit was 3minutes, just enough time to read the daily post, and re-read one or two favourites. As word-of-mouth continues to spread, I hope to reach 10,000 unique visits a week by mid-year.

Be on Beaunz
Beaunz is completely independent from any magazine or brand, so if it’s on my blog, it's because I love it, not because I have been paid to put it there. 
It’s not possible to buy a post or a mention, but I love hearing about new things and if we speak the same beauty language, we could be in business.

Commissions & Collaborations
I am always interested in working with like-minded people. If you have an idea or opportunity you want to talk to me about, please do! I'm happy to send writing samples, resume and references on request. If you are on limited budget but make fabulous clothes or cakes, I can be bribed to work for contra too.

Contact Me
Do you have feedback, an advertising enquiry or a suggestion for Beaunz? Email

I look forward to hearing from you, especially if you're a fellow 'femme frecklé'.