Thursday, September 6, 2012

NZFW : Day Three

What I wore - Day Three (sore feet and the start of a cold)

Today felt like everyone stepped it up another notch. Fashion finally found the flamboyant fabulousness I was looking for! 

Key colours: black, blue and buttercup yellow.
Textures: understated; today it was more about prints and colour.
Outfit I wanted to rip straight off the model: The blue rose print dress at BLAK (actually the first 10 outfits at BLAK), and the beautiful yellow dress at Salasai .
Most fabulous fashionista off the catwalk: Colin Mathura-Jeffree! After playing it safe Tuesday and Wednesday, he finally went a little crazy today and I loved him for it. See a pic below.
Favourite makeup look: the BLAK models were gorgeous, both hair and makeup.
Favourite catwalk styling: The urban navajos at Salasai.
Highs: the street fashion was the best it has been all week, plus sitting next to the lovely Charlotte Ryan at BLAK.
Lows: fashion burn-out.

Backstage at BLAK. 

 Lauren Gunn's gorgeous hair for BLAK.

Black roses for the BLAK front row. 

Colin Mathura-Jeffree and Nick Klarwill 

Photographers' Pit at the end of the runway 

 Models getting ready at Salasai

I'm playing hooky tomorrow and missing the last two shows, but I will post some more pictures over the next few days.


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

NZFW : Day Two

What I wore - Day Two (a little Spring colour)

Day Two and everyone seems to be hitting their stride. The energy back stage was brilliant today, and the textures being created with model hair were divine...see below. The evening finished with Trelise Cooper, who brought much-needed 5* glamour to FW Day 2. Two down, one to go!

Key colours so far: cherry red, jade green, English mustard yellow, periwinkle.
Textures: velvet (yes!) including beautiful black velvet lace at twentysevennames, open-weave knits, more fur and lots of shine.
Outfit I wanted to rip straight off the model: I would quite happily have worn most of the outfits shown today, although I felt most affinity with twenty-seven names.
Most fabulous fashionista off the catwalk: Samantha Hayes, gorgeous with her flame red hair over a yellow knit. Best star quality so far, without looking over-styled.
Favourite makeup look: I couldn't get a good shot of it, but I loved the twinkling green in the corners of the Riddle Me This models' eyes.
Favourite catwalk styling: A tie: toffee apple red rubber sandals and grunge-beanies at twenty-seven names and the gorgeous, whimsical brides at NZ Weddings.
Highs: the Blue Sky fashion show, with Ingrid Starnes and twenty-seven names. Great food, fresh coffee and a genius venue that let almost everyone sit front row.
Lows: Maybe I'm getting old, but the music at most of the shows is way too loud, I noticed a lot of gritted teeth. I also wish the models looked like they were having a little more fun (Penny Pickard excepted, she positively bounces down the catwalk).

 Yummy breakfast canapes at Blue Sky

Pretty in pink by MAC for Ingrid Starnes
(image courtesy of MAC) 


Strawberry Shortcakes at twenty-seven names (and those toffee apple sandals) 

Kokako Chai Latte and Coconut Ice for morning tea 

Amazing hair texture back stage 

Many hands make light work.

 My favourite model, Seon, backstage before NZ Weddings.

Beautiful front row at NZ Weddings.

Flower nymph brides at the NZ Weddings Show.

Back again tomorrow!


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

NZFW : Day One

What I wore - Day One (palette inspired by the weather)

So, New Zealand Fashion Week rolls around again! Today has been crazy and fun already, and it's only half over. As I type this, I'm about to head backstage again to shoot Hailwood, Juliette Hogan and Zambesi. Wicked!

Key colours so far: nudes, jade greens, ox blood red and, of course, black.
Textures: fur and sequins (hoorah! half my wardrobe already...) and some gorgeous floaty prints on satin and chiffon.
Outfit I wanted to rip straight off the model: Coop floral velvet bed jacket over a gold sequined dress.
Most fabulous fashionista off the catwalk: none yet, still looking! Although Michaela from MAC is leading the charge (see below).
Favourite makeup look: Cybele by Olivia Russell for MAC.
Favourite catwalk styling: Grunge-inspired beanies at Ruby.
Highs: Being part of the buzz back stage.
Lows: realising the 'emergency' chocolate bar I was saving from my NZFW loot bag was in fact a sachet of Chai Latte.

Michaela from MAC

Cybele makeup by Olivia Russell for MAC
(image courtesy of MAC cosmetics)

Model downtime, wearing new MAC shade 

Gorgeous platinum blonde

Grunge-inspired beanies at Ruby.

Will post more later! Let me know what you think?