Thursday, September 6, 2012

NZFW : Day Three

What I wore - Day Three (sore feet and the start of a cold)

Today felt like everyone stepped it up another notch. Fashion finally found the flamboyant fabulousness I was looking for! 

Key colours: black, blue and buttercup yellow.
Textures: understated; today it was more about prints and colour.
Outfit I wanted to rip straight off the model: The blue rose print dress at BLAK (actually the first 10 outfits at BLAK), and the beautiful yellow dress at Salasai .
Most fabulous fashionista off the catwalk: Colin Mathura-Jeffree! After playing it safe Tuesday and Wednesday, he finally went a little crazy today and I loved him for it. See a pic below.
Favourite makeup look: the BLAK models were gorgeous, both hair and makeup.
Favourite catwalk styling: The urban navajos at Salasai.
Highs: the street fashion was the best it has been all week, plus sitting next to the lovely Charlotte Ryan at BLAK.
Lows: fashion burn-out.

Backstage at BLAK. 

 Lauren Gunn's gorgeous hair for BLAK.

Black roses for the BLAK front row. 

Colin Mathura-Jeffree and Nick Klarwill 

Photographers' Pit at the end of the runway 

 Models getting ready at Salasai

I'm playing hooky tomorrow and missing the last two shows, but I will post some more pictures over the next few days.


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