Tuesday, September 4, 2012

NZFW : Day One

What I wore - Day One (palette inspired by the weather)

So, New Zealand Fashion Week rolls around again! Today has been crazy and fun already, and it's only half over. As I type this, I'm about to head backstage again to shoot Hailwood, Juliette Hogan and Zambesi. Wicked!

Key colours so far: nudes, jade greens, ox blood red and, of course, black.
Textures: fur and sequins (hoorah! half my wardrobe already...) and some gorgeous floaty prints on satin and chiffon.
Outfit I wanted to rip straight off the model: Coop floral velvet bed jacket over a gold sequined dress.
Most fabulous fashionista off the catwalk: none yet, still looking! Although Michaela from MAC is leading the charge (see below).
Favourite makeup look: Cybele by Olivia Russell for MAC.
Favourite catwalk styling: Grunge-inspired beanies at Ruby.
Highs: Being part of the buzz back stage.
Lows: realising the 'emergency' chocolate bar I was saving from my NZFW loot bag was in fact a sachet of Chai Latte.

Michaela from MAC

Cybele makeup by Olivia Russell for MAC
(image courtesy of MAC cosmetics)

Model downtime, wearing new MAC shade 

Gorgeous platinum blonde

Grunge-inspired beanies at Ruby.

Will post more later! Let me know what you think?



Anonymous said...

Cool pics!

LisaJ said...

Love the What I wore pics but wish we could see you in them :)