Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's a girly girl thing

Valentino Couture from Style.com

I'm in a conflict. Just this morning I was mentally compiling a summer look to go with the Betty sunglasses from my recent post here. It was all going well until I saw this image, taken backstage at the Valentino Couture show. I love the pretty, Shakespearean hair paired with luminous skin and coral eyes.

Suddenly I'm channeling a wood nymph, who most certainly would not wear quirky, bunny adorned sunglasses.

What do you think, Beaunz readers?



Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! (Jennie Bradford here, your cuzzie Karl's wife, see who stumbles upon great reading!). I love the coral eyes, had to go to MAC this morning and I thought of this post, had to stick to my budget and just pick up my foundation but next month I may need to recreate this look!

Beaunz said...

Hi Jennie, glad you like the blog! I'm off to MAC soon myself for a Spring makeover, can't wait.