Saturday, September 24, 2011

my first fugly post: le smoking

Leo Crest Slippers from

Sometimes in life you need a little fugly: fabulously ugly. It won't win you any points on the man front but dammit, you'll do it anyway in the name of fashion!

I have been on the lookout for a pair of flats that straddle comfort and cool so I don't revert to wearing Havianas all summer (the shoe equivalent to trackie pants). These fugly leopard print smoking slippers caught my eye immediately as the perfect nod to 'la garçonne'.

I have a party to go to tonight (first night out in months!) and will be pairing them with cropped black skinny jeans and my Clements Ribiero inspired silk t-shirt that mashes leopard with blue floral print. I may look back in years and cringe, but today I'm wholeheartedly embracing the fugly.

How about you, Beaunz belles? What fugly thing are you wearing this season?


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