Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My one wish in the land of birthdays

As a child I was seldom seen without a book, usually something by Enid Blyton. A particular favourite was 'The Enchanted Wood' where Jo, Bessie and Fanny climbed the faraway tree and had the most magical adventures.

I have never forgotten the final scene where the children visit the Land of Birthdays and are each allowed to make a wish in celebration of Bessie's birthday. Fanny wishes that she could fly and is given a beautiful set of magic wings. As a child I couldn't imagine wishing for anything else - how could you not want to fly?

These days my adult feet are firmly and happily on the ground (at least in my waking hours), and my one wish has changed. I wish I could draw! Now, kind readers, before you insist that of course everyone can draw I want to be clear about something: I cannot. Stick figures are about all I can manage, and Pictionary usually ends in tears. Give me a pencil and I can whip up a poem or a rhyme in no time, but any attempt at art is woeful.

When I saw this beautiful, whimsical fashion illustration by Rebecca Taylor for her forthcoming collection at New York Fashion Week, I was once again 8 years old and wishing I could scale the faraway tree. Somehow, Rebecca has climbed inside my head and drawn the outfit I would draw, if I could.

I have always loved Rebecca's clothes and am lucky enough to own a couple of her dresses. In the exclusive interview for Rebecca talks about finding inspiration in the contrast between the laid-back New Zealand countryside and the fast-paced New York lifestyle (read the interview here). If this is a sign of what's to come for her next collection, my bank balance is in serious trouble.

What about you, lovely readers? What would your one wish be if you chanced upon the Land of Birthdays?


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Laura Molloy said...

I think my one wish would be to be able to travel anywhere I wanted just by clicking my heels together, like Dorothy in the wizard of Oz. Then I could see all the wonders of the world whenever I wanted.