Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bare Beaunz : Megan

Megan Robinson from

Spending time with Megan, founder and editor of the exhaustive local fashion and beauty bible,, is an absolute treat. When I visited her for the purpose of today's Bare Beaunz, I was whisked into the dining room for tea from beautiful, genuine china tea cups, before being asked to choose a fabric and lace trim from what can only be described as a bottomless, Narnia-esque haberdashery chest. An hour later, we were sent on our way with a sweet little dress for my daughter, a copy of the pattern so I can recreate it again, and an open invitation to return whenever we liked.

Megan never seems to run out of steam. She has two adorable kids, the youngest just months old, yet she still finds the time to attend industry events and update Thread several times a day. There isn't a person in the industry that doesn't sigh with genuine affection when you mention her name, and her enthusiasm is infectious. 

Megan is notoriously humble, so I'm thankful that she humoured me with a quick Bare Beaunz. Over to you, Meg.  

I just bought...?
I honestly don't buy much glamorous stuff (Cue violins), the last thing I bought was nappies and a Bostik glue gun. But I did recently buy a Clarins Cotton Flower palette face powder.

I'm about to buy...?

Some vintage glass containers for making soy candles in.

I wish I could buy...?
The ability to cook.

The last time I (really) laughed was...? 
I find I'm cracking up every day at stuff my 2 yr old says and does. This week that includes a lot of exclaiming "Dear me!", breastfeeding her doll, and saying she's off in Mummy's car to buy ham.

My secret pleasure is...?

Scouring op shops and Fairs for cool old stuff. I really like old, homemade aprons, and old linen that has hand embroidery on it.

My fashion sense at school was...? 
Lots of jackets over polo necks, tights, and brogues.

When I was a kid I wanted to be...? 

A florist.

If I died tomorrow I would be remembered for...? 

Having different hair colours in all my ID photos.


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