Thursday, November 3, 2011

Vintage, and jewelry, and clothes! Oh my!

I have wandered up and down Parnell Road hundreds of times, and for whatever reason, today I chose to venture left into a tiny cobblestoned path I hadn't noticed before. 

The first discovery was an Ice Cream bar. In Parnell! I lived here for two years, ate ice cream (at least once) every day I was pregnant. How did I not know it was here? 

I would have been happy enough with my ice cream discovery, but I spied pretty vintage fabric and some whimsical window decals and was lured even further down the path. Oh, my. There she was...The Yellow Brick Road Boutique. I know I have suffered terribly from baby brain this past year, but really? How have I not known about this treasure trove? Am I the only person in Auckland that hasn't been here?

Owned by Ruth (and her gorgeous dog Frankie, with his colour-blocked ears), the YBRB is quite simply a chocolate box of girlie delights. Jewelry, books, clothes and more, merchandised to higgeldy-piggeldy perfection. Skull cameos hang next to hand-knitted bow necklaces, 1940s inspired tea dresses brush against dog printed sweatshirts. 

It's all the pleasure of vintage shopping, without the mothballs.


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