Tuesday, November 8, 2011

This mug's a keeper

Ceramic Cup by Porcelain Rove

I love morning's first hot drink. From the moment my sleep fog starts to dissipate the internal debate begins. Coffee? Or tea? Tea? Or coffee?
Whichever I decide, I always drink it from the same mug, which fits snugly in my hand like an old friend and gets carried with me around the house as I go about my morning routine.  

A good drink mug is like a favourite old pair of jeans. Comfy, worn in all the right places, and just yours. We have a matching set of eight beautiful white mugs, but they're stacked in the cupboard, unused unless we have visitors. I like my little lost hobo mug, which doesn't match anything else in our house and wouldn't look out of place at an Op shop.

I've had that particular mug for three years, since my last one smashed (there were tears... I attempted superglue surgery...she was too far gone) but this morning tragedy struck, once again leaving me mugless and in need of a replacement.

After a quick browse online, I soon discovered Porcelain Rove, a line of handmade ceramic vases and cups made by local artist Jamie Young. Even brand new, they look rumpty and worn enough to slip right into the space left by my previous mug (may she rest in peace). This time I'll be smart and buy more than one. No such thing as mugnonomy, thank goodness.



Klara said...

But isn't the search for new mug when old one dies an exciting part?
I would only buy one,that way it willbe very special&yours only...

Anonymous said...

So gorgeous, I would feel like I should be wearing a pretty dress and twirling around the house if I was to have my morning drink in that! My gorgeous nana passed away a couple of months ago and her sweet, tea sets have become extra dear to me, now if only Karl would stop using them to scoop the dog biscuits with!!!!! (Jen Bradford)

Lisa J said...

The best mugs always find you, you can't buy them, they're always a gift or adopted from someone else.

Erica Kent said...

Jen - that's hilarious about Karl using them for dog biscuits! Maybe you could use his towel to dry the dog and see how he likes it? I have my Great Aunt and Uncles tea set and I love using it for special occasions. China from the 'olden days' is so delicate and light!