Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cuddles , at own risk

Racoon Coat from Stolen Girlfriends Club AW2012

I'm showing my age here, but my werewolf film of choice is Teen Wolf. Watching cute-as-a-button Michael J. Fox transform into a hairy, sweaty man-beast rocked my world as a kid. I can't say I wanted to be him, or kiss him, but I sure wanted to know him.

Lycanthropy (the ability to take on the characteristics of a wolf) has made somewhat of a comeback lately, what with a certain, polarising, vampire flick. Whether you're Team Jacob,  Team Edward or Team Whocares, you'd have to be in a coma to not know what I'm referring to. Whether or not the 'T' word has had any influence, I love the current obsession with (faux) fur, especially in various shades of wolverine.

Stolen Girlfriends Club do great clothes in general, but what really gets me excited are their amazing coats and winter knitwear. I'm hardly a risk-taker when it comes to fashion, but every now and then I spy something that makes me want to shake things up a bit (like these Karen Walker sunglasses). 

You can't be subtle in this coat, you'd probably turn fewer heads in a spacesuit. The only downside is living in a city that rarely drops into single digit temperatures. No wonder they styled the shot with bare legs and and a sheer dress.

Regardless, she looks cute, cuddly and fierce all at the same time. Much more appealing than a bloodsucking, sun-starved immortal if you ask me.



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