Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday Scrapbook : Christmas Shopping with heart

Trade Aid Farmyard Finger Puppets $51.99 a set

Until this week, it had been years since I stepped inside a Trade Aid store. Why? I'm not sure. I love their model of paying a fair price to their trading partners (you might think this is standard, but it's not) and facilitating positive change through a combination of direct trading, development work, campaigning, and education. Did you know that Trade Aid supplies more than 70% of fair trade beans to New Zealand’s coffee industry? Me neither, but it sure makes me feel less guilty about the second latte I had this morning. So, today's Saturday Scrapbook is all about the beautiful things I spotted this week at Trade Aid. They have a number of stores throughout New Zealand, but they also have a great online shop too. I'll let the images speak for themselves, click on the links if you want to know more about any of the products.

Trade Aid Small Stone Chess Set $179.99

Trade Aid Blue Floral Queen Quilt $199.99

Trade Aid Jute Ranu Place Mat $9.99 each



Megan Robinson said...

That's my rug! Did you recognise it from Lily's room? Yay for Trade Aid.

Erica Kent said...

I did Meg! I love it so much.