Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Moochi gives you wings

I only went to one ballet class, aged 5, and cried so much I was never taken back. I was an 80s tomboy, and just the thought of wearing a tutu was traumatic. (I lived in blue spandex tights, puff painted jumper and a bandana √† la Ralph Macchio - how about you?) My mum must have looked longingly at those head-to-toe pink, piggy-tailed little darlings; I blame her for letting me dress myself from a young age. (Although, apparently my sister trumped me by wearing a nightie and Mum's veil to a birthday party. I'm sure I've since seen Kate Moss in that look!)

Fast forward a couple of decades, I'm happiest in a dress and utterly enchanted by this video. If I won lotto I would order every item, in every colour (husband...if you're reading...feel free to dance around the house in just black pants. Thanks xx) but in actual fact, it's easy to add subtle ballet chic to my wardrobe even without a Chlo√© budget. 

I think the prettiest thing about women is our delicate little shoulder blades, which remind me of angel wings. Ballet dancers always show off this beautiful part of their body, so my first stop is something with a scoop back. 

I immediately fell in love with Moochi's Ballet Cardi, soft and pretty in dove grey rayon. Whenever I see buttons down the back of clothing I can't help but imagine that it will be someone else undoing them for me...oh la la.

Not a real angel then...


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