Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cinemust : A city fallen in stone not in spirit

I spent two years in Christchurch as a child, and my overriding memory (other than the painterly mountain view from our house on Huntsbury Hill) is of the beautiful buildings. The thought that many of them are no longer standing feels like I've lost a treasured heirloom, and I haven't been brave enough to go back since the earthquakes.

I cannot begin to imagine the heartache and ongoing emotional and physical battles the people of Christchurch continue to face, and this trailer fills me with such a contrast of pride and sadness. I'll be taking at least one box of tissues to the cinema when the film opens on November 24th. 

Kia kaha Christchurch.



Anonymous said...

We were there for the February quake and had to leave. It was too hard. I don't think I can watch this documentary.

Erica Kent said...

Sorry to hear that anon xx