Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday Scrapbook : Best local online shopping 

Although online shopping in New Zealand has come a long way, I am still pleasantly surprised when brands or shops spend the time and money to create an inspiring online experience. If I'm buying your products without seeing or touching them in person (which, lets face it, is usually more cost effective for the vendor), I want value in other ways such as free shipping, a cool blog that doesn't just sell me their products, or a well-designed e-zine I can subscribe to. So, today I have put together a little scrapbook of my favourite online shops in New Zealand. First up is Foxes, which stocks everything from the Frankie diary (always a sellout) to sweet coloured twines, to local handmade clothing and accessories. I look forward to the newsletters from owner Jessica, who also runs the Auckland Craft Collective and the craft market for First Thursdays. Busy lady! And clearly very talented.
I can't seem to get through a week without spending at least a few minutes browsing on Superette. The mix of brands, easy layout and stylish design make it a winner. Their regular lookbooks and emails are always true to their aesthetic and make it easy to add a little cool to your wardrobe, regardless of whether or not you buy it from them.
I love collecting quirky curiosities (which drives my husband nuts, he prefers to call it 'clutter') and the homeware section on Mondegreen is helping to feed my addiction. Next on my hitlist is this Daschund butter dish, followed closely by one of the animal egg cups. Essential in every home!
I'm not usually a fan of shopping online for beauty; I need all my senses to be stimulated when I'm choosing skincare, or makeup. Leaving with an arm striped with lip colours or scents is part of the fun. But, once you know your favourites and just need to stock up without leaving the house, it's good to know you can get them online. My Beauty Store launched at fashion week in September and has some great, hard-to-find brands on there, including Butter London, Becca and Snowberry.
What can I say? I'm a sucker for sweet stationery, and it's all here at Attic Room
As any new Mum will know, planning your baby's 1st birthday (or any birthday for that matter) can be stressful. You want it to be perfect, and every other mother seems to have it all down pat. Well, here is their secret! Poppy Seed has all the cool plates, cups, napkins and bunting you could wish for, and the staff are great at pulling together a 'look'. If you need help, call them or pop into their physical store, but be warned: it could be hazardous to your budget.
Best not to look at Sabato's website if you're close to mealtime, it could get ugly. Too many delicious treats to mention.

Okay, so not technically an online store, but Shop What's New makes my list for sheer genius. If you're like me and have items on your wishlist before they hit the shops, this brilliant site lets you know as and when things arrive in stores, so you won't miss out. It's all the fun of window shopping without the sore feet.

Happy Shopping Beaunz belles! And please let me know your favourite online stores too.



Avocado Sundays said...

Awesome post - will have to check out some of these shops :)

Erica Kent said...

Thanks - just had a wee look and I love your blog! Have saved it in my bookmarks x