Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bare Beaunz : Farran

My dear friend Farran is a woman of contrasts. Steely strong and determined on the outside, but a marshmallow inside. Sweet and kind but then razor sharp with her insights. She tells it like it is, and even if I don't always like the message I love that I can trust her to be honest, and that she has my best interests at heart.

Farran has one of those 'looks' you want to study. Her skin and hair are so pale and delicate they are translucent (straight out of a Mill & Boon), and she has eyes like five carat sapphires. Her style is unique, feminine and cool. Whenever we have plans to meet, I look forward to seeing what she will wear. Give me Farran's wardrobe over Kate Moss' any day! Over to you, Farran:

I just bought...?
Moochi orange suede peep toe platforms (with contrasting heel). I love the colour, the 70s style and the fact that they make me a lot taller. I wasn’t looking for shoes, but as soon as I saw them I bought them. 

I'm about to buy...?
I’ve seen this really cool lamp on the Urban Outfitters website. The base is a woman’s leg with a fishnet stocking, and the shade is yellow with black fringing. Very Elsa Schiaparelli. 

I wish I could buy...? 
The beautiful diamond ring you wrote about the other week.

When I was a kid I wanted to be...? 
A banker. I was obsessed with money when I was little, I even had a play bank. I was always meant to be rich. Hmmm.

My fashion sense at school was...? 
The same as now. I have always liked a mix of classic with quirky.

The last time I (really) laughed was…?
Today, when you were trying to take a photo of me.

My secret pleasure is...?
Eating a block of chocolate in one sitting (any flavour will do, I'm not picky)

If I died tomorrow I would be remembered for...?
My compassion for others and my tendency to tell the truth, even when it hurts.


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