Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Who needs a house when you can have diamonds?

A while back, I told the boy he didn't need to worry about buying me diamonds until he could afford this ring from Tiffany. How considerate and charitable of me, right? Of course, I could be waiting awhile (or forever) but the truth is, 
I'm not a big earring wearer, and necklaces these days are wrenched off in seconds by little hands.

This week, I visited The Department Store and was introduced to the delights of Jessica McCormack, a New Zealander making clutch-your-heart beautiful precious jewelry out of London.

I have been obsessively trawling Jessica's website since, and I am retracting my former statement and replacing it with the ring above, the New New York ring, with 4.03 carats cut to resemble the silhouette of the New York skyline. 

The only problem is, can I wait that long? House deposit...diamond ring...house deposit...diamond ring...


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Anonymous said...

who needs diamonds when you can have love?