Wednesday, October 19, 2011

For the love of Kate Sylvester

Of course, Kate Sylvester makes some of the most beautiful clothes available to buy in New Zealand, but what gets me every time are her gorgeous campaigns. Cool and effortlessly styled, they always have an air of sadness about them too, like slipping into your ex-boyfriend's snuggly jumper on a rainy day. 

Previous favourites include Black Swan and the recent Lost & Found campaign, but I actually swooned when the latest Lookbook popped into my inbox last week. Called 'Into the Light' it recreates my favourite time of day, just as the sun hits the horizon (going either way) and the world wears a giant halo for a few minutes. 

I want almost every item in every shot, and don't get me started on the gorgeous yellow Phedra dress. I've even dug out my velcro rollers to recreate her candyfloss hair. 

If only Kate sold sunshine in a bottle to go with her clothes.



Megan Robinson said...

I tried on about six dresses in this summer range. Adore. Would have spent about three grand, so had to walk out on 'em. x

Beaunz said...

Megan - I did the same thing. I'm trying to decide between three possible dresses for my wedding season wardrobe. Style headache! x