Monday, October 10, 2011

The haka makes me feel ten feet tall

People can say what they like about the haka, it is such a raw outpouring of passion and intent, and when I see the All Blacks perform it I feel ten feet tall. 

Last night I was lucky enough to watch the All Blacks play Argentina live at Eden Park, and as we roared along to the haka my chest was filled with fireworks.

Next weekend when Richie and the boys lay down their challenge for the semi-final, there won't be a bum on a seat in New Zealand. My husband, being Australian, has chosen to watch the game elsewhere so we don't come to emotional fisticuffs. Like many non-kiwis, he is unimpressed by the haka although I suspect he secretly wishes they too had a pre-game ritual that literally sets the team on fire.

What about you, lovely readers? What do you think of the haka?



Husband said...

They look very like very small figurines...are they a collectable set of bobble heads?

Anonymous said...

There is nothing sexier than an All Black in motion...yum.