Friday, October 14, 2011

Put a Peppin your baby step

I have driven past Peppin Boutique on Jervois Road countless times and thought how cute it looked, but it wasn't until this week that I actually parked and went in (via Icing on the Cake for cupcakes of course - more on that next week). Quelle surprise! This tiny shop punches well about its weight in browsing pleasure.

Run by the lovely Kathleen, of the Skylark label, Peppin is a perfectly curated selection of locally made, organic clothes (in fact Kathleen makes them all herself on location), French label Petit Bateau, sweetly off-beat children's books and a few wooden Janod toys thrown in for good measure.

Best of all, a well stocked play corner kept my inquisitive toddler enthralled while I indulged my magpie-mother tendencies. 

On my Christmas shopping list...the wooden cheese lacing toy,  Petit Bateau's wild animals t-shirt and the black and white cuffed organic leggings. I'm no longer eating for two, but at least I can shop for two!


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