Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Time travel with Pete Murray

An audience with Pete Murray thanks to MoreFM

In 2004, I had butterflies in my stomach as my new boyfriend took me to see Pete Murray live at Shepherd's Bush in London. Feeler had just been released, and Pete's husky voice quickly became the soundtrack to the summer I fell in love. 

Last night we watched Pete again in a tiny venue off Newton Rd. Although none of his subsequent albums have touched my soul like that first one, his voice alone was enough to re-ignite the butterflies. This time we stood on plush carpet instead of congealed-beer floorboards, and drank wine instead of Snake Bite, but when I closed my eyes I was once again in London, my heart thumping each time his skin brushed mine. 

Music, like smell, has the most magical ability to take us outside our skin and the present moment. Who says we can't travel back in time?

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