Thursday, October 13, 2011

Oh yes, Champagne before lunch

Strawberries & Champagne Tea from the Tea Lady

Where has Spring gone? Just last week it was sunny enough to splash about in a paddling pool with my daughter, but today I'm in socks and scarf once again. 

When it's cold and wet outside, nothing lifts your spirits like a strong, hot cup of tea. I'm a Dilmah girl at heart, give me gumboot with a splash of milk over herbal infusions any day...except when it comes to the gorgeous Strawberries & Champagne green tea from The Tea Lady in Birkenhead. It's not sickly syrupy sweet like so many herbal teas, and it somehow tastes like Champagne...and strawberries! Funny that.

If you can get to Birkenhead, check out the teeny tiny Tea Lady in person, or buy online from their website, and while you're there check out their tips for brewing the best pot of tea.



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