Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday Scrapbook: my favourite things this week

Hundreds and Thousands stool from Nature Baby at The Department Store.

This beautiful Spring dress by Jill Stuart.

Love Studs by Zoe & Morgan. They are currently sold out but Zoe is making more and says they will be available from mid-November.

'Girl About Town' by MAC, vibrant fuchsia pink that makes green eyes really pop.

Superette's latest Look Book is full of comfy, cool clothes as always, and this is just how I want to look all summer.

Blossoms at Cornwall Park. Come on, summer, you can do it!



Elise James said...

I think I'm going to save up my poor student pennies or use the money Nan just sent over from the UK for my birthday, to get that lush looking MAC lipstick. I love having green eyes but i never know how to enhance them, unfortunately i don't have them in the gorgeous Molloy size like you :) Thank ET for the inspiration. I always wanted something MAC but never knew what to get!

Beaunz said...

Elise - find yourself a really smudgy, bronzey gold eyeliner and use that around your eyes - it will make them look amazing. Green eyes are the best! x