Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Embrace the lace trend

Image courtesy of CND nails

If you're like me and love the idea of lace but not the reality (I somehow look like a giant granny-kerchief no matter HOW expensive or chic the design) here's a way to embrace the trend without looking like a doily disaster.

This beautiful nail extension was created for the Joy Cioci show by CND nails (I promise I don't have shares in CND, I'm just loving all their Fashion Week coverage). You could easily recreate it at home by first painting your nails with base coat and laying a (carefully shaped) piece of fine lace over the nail and finishing with top coat, but if you want the exact look below are the professional instructions. Print this page off and take it to your local CND nail salon.

1. Sculpt clear tips with crystal clear Retention+ Liquid and Powder
2. Lay a piece of fine weaved lace over the nail
3. Apply a light layer of Shellac in Cream Puff, creating a random, deconstructed lacey pattern.
4. Cure and seal.

Email me photos when you do!


Anonymous said...

I wish i had nails :(

Beaunz said...

How about toe nails? x