Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Aussies lament with a Lamington cupcake

Raspberry Lamington Cupcake from Icing on the Cake

After popping into Peppin Boutique in Herne Bay, it would have been a travesty not to visit Icing on the Cake too. This tiny little shop is home to one of my favourite sugar fixes in Auckland (and you know there are many!)

This time I had my heart set on a Lamington cupcake for my (Australian) boy. Apparently, like all good things we believe to be our own, the Lamington belongs to our friends across the Tasman. The story goes that it was named for Lord Lamington, Governor of Queensland. He hated waste and when his maid dropped his beloved sponge cake into a bowl of chocolate, he suggested she cover it in coconut (to prevent messy fingers) and they ate it anyway. 110 years later, it is making somewhat of a culinary comeback. Have you tried the chocolate version from Little & Friday? Divine!

Back to the present day. Who ever thought to turn Lamington into a cupcake was a genius: berry cake with a layer of jam and coconut, finished with a dollop of vanilla bean buttercream. Mmmmmm...

Hey, we'll let them have the Lamington, it's the least we can do after that thing that happened on Sunday night, that which cannot be mentioned in our house.



Proud Aussie Husband said...

The 'L' word...league?

Beaunz said...

You can have the league too dear. Mwah x