Thursday, October 27, 2011

I love a good twist

Therese Rawsthorne Twist Smock from The Department Store

A friend once asked me how I would describe my style, and although it wasn't something I had thought about before, it was easy to answer. 'Classic with a twist.'

I love a quality basic but it has to have something beautiful or unusual about it that makes it stand out: a classic leather boot with white soles (I still have my 1997 Zambesi boots - anyone else?), a simple tube maxi dress with hidden pockets, or a flash of plum silk lining on a winter coat. 

I have been searching for a summer shirt to wear to work, BBQs, dinners...basically a go-to when I want to look more dressed up than jeans and a button-down but not go the full hog and put on a dress.

This beautiful smock shirt from Australian designer Therese Rawsthorne  fits the bill perfectly. Light and airy with dainty bell sleeves, it has little slices at the shoulders that, when worn, give it such a feminine charm. I have been dreaming about this shirt since I tried it on last week and think I'm finally ready to take the plunge. Classic, with a twist...literally!


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