Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pretty pretty pretty at Tessuti

Primrose singlet by Ingrid Starnes

I have a new guilty pleasure: Tessuti in Herne Bay.

I say guilty because I spent the money I was saving for a sensible pair of new running shoes on something much more delicate and, shall we say...wanton. The exact details will remain a mystery so that I can slide said new purchase into my wardrobe on the quiet (and hopefully escape the wrath of my beloved).

Tessuti never fails to woo me with something unashamedly girly and gorgeous. Today I may have found at least part of my summer wedding wardrobe, in the form of the beautiful Primrose singlet (above) by Ingrid Starnes. It comes in cream and 'ink' (navy) and is the prettiest top I have seen in ages. I also fell in love with a ring by kiwi jeweler Charlotte Penman, stay tuned for tomorrow's post.

Regardless of whether I have money to spend, browsing there always leaves me inspired and plotting how to make my own home look more 'Tessuti-like'.

How about you, lovely readers? Where do you go for guaranteed girly inspiration? 


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