Friday, November 25, 2011

When life gives you lemons ...

Lemon Turnover from La Tropezienne French Bakery

I have been going to the French Bakery (La Tropezienne) in Browns Bay since I lived there as a little girl and know one thing in my heart for certain: there is nothing a little lemon curd pastry can't fix. I have eaten in the finest patisseries in Paris and London and can honestly say that Louis, in his best-kept-secret little bakery at the North end of Browns Bay Beach, is up there with the best.

Usually I'm all about the 'tarte citron' but today I couldn't go past the Lemon Turnover, with its crunchy sugar clouds atop a buttery pastry cocoon for eye-watering lemon curd - tart/sweet in a way only the French can do.

One bite, and my bad mood disappears with the lemon curd angels. Much better than lemonade...


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