Thursday, December 1, 2011

I'm naked in front of a crowd

Film still from 'Hope's War' courtesy of Gainsborough Films

Okay, so that post header is a little dramatic, but it's how I feel at the moment, as I wait to see the finished result of a short film I wrote (the above image is a still from the shoot). 

The last I saw of the script was a couple of months ago, before it went into production in the safe hands of Craig, from Gainsborough Films. Craig approached me with the initial concept for the story, which was to highlight the 'enemy alien' camps used in New Zealand during both World Wars. My first reaction was that it couldn't possibly be true, but after just a minute of research it became clear that he was right. You can read about one of the camps here, and there is plenty of credible information all over the internet, not to mention a whole book written about it by David McGill. It's fascinating, and unbelievable that it's not more openly spoken about.

The reason I'm suddenly feeling vulnerable is that it's almost time to view the finished short film, called 'Hope's War', and I already have butterflies. Putting yourself out there creatively is terrifying! The film budget is more than some people make in a year, and  when it's your name on something, there's nowhere to hide. Even though it's only a short film, if it is well received, it's hopefully a stepping stone towards having my feature films produced too. 

You might see my name in lights yet...but then I'll feel even more naked than I already do. What's more naked than naked?



Ben + Poet said...

Well done....we are both very excited and very proud of you!

Farran said...

How amazing are you! Well done x

Greer said...

Hi Erica

Loving your blog - it's just the right mix of culture, fashion and insights. This is super exciting and I look forward to hearing how it goes xx

Erica Kent said...

Thanks Greer! So nice to hear that people like my blog, I looooove writing it xx