Friday, December 16, 2011

Green eyed, but no monster

When it comes to mascara, I’ll all about function. I don’t care what the packaging looks like. I don’t care if it was made at twilight by naked Italian men off the coast of Napoli. I don’t even care if it comes with cult status and a list of awards as long as your arm. I want the longest, most fluttery gorgeous lashes possible, with no smudges or flakes, at a reasonable price. Since becoming a mum, I am also much more aware of my impact on the environment but a ‘green’ label alone isn’t enough to make me switch. Picky? Heck yes! And with so many options out there, why shouldn’t we be?

Over the past month I have been trialling three different mascaras, all of them given to me either for PR purposes or in a goody bag. The first, Lancôme Hypnôse Drama is gorgeous, of course. When I wear it, my lashes look really long and thick all day, and the colour stays put. The only downside is the $50 plus price tag, which I’m not sure is justified for a mascara.

The second was the ubiquitous green and pink Maybelline Great Lash, and though it was easy to use and comes at a great price, it didn’t give me a ‘wow factor’. If you like yours natural and understated, this is the mascara for you. Me, I’m more tarantula than daddy long legs.

Lastly is Living Nature Thickening Mascara in Jet Black. At $39 it is at the top end of what I would normally spend, but if you are comfortable in that price bracket then I say go for it! Made with rich, nourishing Manuka honey and pure Holloysite clay, which naturally adds texture and thickness, after two coats (I put one on before brushing my teeth then another afterwards so it had time to dry) this mascara made my lashes fat and fluttery all day. I also love that it smells of lavender, and that I’m not only supporting a kiwi company, I’m choosing a company that is positively impacting the environment. Visit the Living Nature website to find out more.

I’ve also spoken to Louise at Living Nature, and she’s working on the naked Italian men for 2012. I’ll bet…



Rachel said...

I have been using this mascara for over a year now. They're lipsticks are good too. Shame they don't make perfume!

Erica Kent said...

Hi Rachel, have you tried their body oils? The tranquility one is especially lovely - it has lavender in it and the smell stays around all day. Alternatively, a little dab of vanilla extract (the real stuff, not vanilla essence) is a nice alternative to synthetic fragrances if you can't stretch to a premium perfume.

Erica Kent said...

PS: I am trialling one of their lipsticks at the moment too, watch this space!