Friday, December 23, 2011

And so this is Christmas

As a child, I remember this one beautiful, glass Christmas tree ornament. It was at least two generations old and was so delicate it creaked when you held it. Every so often I would be trusted to hang it on the tree, and would hold my breath until such an honour was complete. Alas, that decoration is no longer, it eventually crumbled into thousands of shards (I remember my Mum shed a tear too) but what remains is this overwhelming desire to share heirlooms and traditions with my own daughter. 

In the last couple of years, our family has exploded with kids on both sides, and as a result Christmas is not as we once knew it. Long, leisurely lunches and dinners have given way to noisy chaos. Although every now and then I find myself collapsing into a chair and wishing for a moment's peace, that feeling is soon replaced by laughter and gratitude to be surrounded by such joy. 

This is my last post for the year, Beaunz belles, so I wish you and your families a peaceful holiday season. I would love to hear about your traditions and childhood Christmas memories! And I look forward to being back online in early January, with lots of beautiful finds from our trip to Australia.

Merry Christmas xx


Anonymous said...

Oh nooooooo, no more Beaunz for the year! what will i do without you? sob. Merry Xmas, can't wait to hear about your trip to Australia.xoxo

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Erica, look forward to reading in the new year and wish you and your gorgeous family a safe and happy trip xoxoxo (Jen Bradford)

Danielle said...

Good riddance, your blog drives me crazy...peace and love ick.

Erica Kent said...

Merry Christmas Jen xx

Erica Kent said...

Ha ha Danielle - a little Christmas grinch maybe? Or is that Dad again...? Either way, Merry Christmas! Glad you're reading anyway :)

Megan Robinson said...

Traditions: Decided the children may open their stockings in the morning, then we'll go to Christmas Day carol service, then open all the gifts together as a family before sharing Christmas lunch. Setting up the nativity from my childhood together. Decorating the tree the first week of December. Stringing the cards up across the lounge. Reading the Christmas Story book at bedtime.

PS Merry Christmas Erica and have a safe and fun trip to Ben's family for Christmas and a happy new year x