Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Let me eat cupcakes

Am I cruel or what? Opening my first post for the year with such a delectable delight. 

I'm sure, Beaunz Belles, that you made those New Years Resolutions to lose weight and eat healthily with the best intentions, but where is the fun in that? Diet schmiet I say. 

The best diet advice I ever received was 'eat a little of what you fancy'. That came from my gorgeous Nanna June, once crowned runner-up Mrs. New Zealand (they were all married in those days), who was perfectly petite and curvy until she became terminally ill a couple of years ago.

So, my New Years resolution is not to (attempt to) abstain from cupcakes altogether, it is to eat only the most gooey and creamy and delicious cupcakes, and to stop everything else I'm doing and really enjoy it so that I feel satisfied with just one...a day.

I gave it a go with the above cupcakes (my own heavenly creation of Christmas mince cupcake with brandy butter icing) and it worked a treat. Best of all, I ate the first one for dessert, then happened to still be awake and ate the leftover at 12.01am. Not cheating!

Happy New Year Beaunz belles, here's to a year of great cupcakes, among other things.



Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Erica! Yes, you are cruel posting this delicious cake so early in the morning, I am now craving one with my coffee! xox (Jen B)

Klara said...

Did u make these mumma Kent? They look scrumptious!!!
Agree,to hell with diets,at least while I'm pregnant,haha...Then,I might change my mind...
Happy New Year to you guys&I look forward to all 2012 Beaunz posts!!!

Erica Kent said...

Klara - cupcakes are mandatory throughout pregnancies! Many cupcakes make for a happy mama, and therefore a happy baby. xx

Erica Kent said...

Welcome back Jen xx

Klara said...

Must find a great gluten free recipe I can munch on after the birth!! Think wedding wheat infused nibblies did me no good :-((