Friday, January 20, 2012

There's a mermaid in my bath

There’s a little mermaid in my bath 
I know she’s there, I heard her laugh. 
Making bubbles with the soap, 
And splashing as she does back stroke. 
I hope she knows to clean her toes
Behind her ears, below her nose. 
And though I haven’t got a tail, 
I gather it could smell quite stale, 
Like Poppa’s feet or old sardines 
Unless she gave it quite a clean. 
Though she isn’t making trouble 
I’m more than just a little puzzled. 
Did she climb up through the drain? 
And does she plan to come again? 
Then with a flicker and a glug 
She disappears back down the plug. 
A glistening, scaly tailed delight, 
I hope she’s back tomorrow night.


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