Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday Scrapbook : Cinemusts

This awards season, there are so many brilliant films hitting cinemas; I can't remember the last time my list of 'must-sees' was so long. I won't bore you with the whole thing, but here are a few films on the top of my list, starting with 'Like Crazy', which is out 2nd February. Two words...heartbreaking, beautiful. 

George Clooney, a Hawaiian setting and a (not your usual) love story. 'The Descendants', out 26th January.

This trailer makes me smile, I can't wait to see the film; 'Vincent Wants to Sea', out 23rd February.

Annie Goldson was one of my lecturers at Auckland University, and I'm excited to see her latest documentary, due out 8th March.

As you may know from this beauty icon post, I'm a Marilyn fan and have been waiting for the release of 'My Week with Marilyn' for months now! It is finally out 8th March.

Plus, honorable mention goes to upcoming kiwi flick 'The most fun you can have while dying', due out in April.

How about you, Beaunz belles? Which films are you hanging out to see?


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