Tuesday, January 24, 2012

For the love of...Honesty Boxes

I remember my Mum giving me $2 to spend at one of those 'junk emporiums', and pouring over the racks of clip-on earrings (I was 6) for a painfully long time trying to decide which ones I wanted most.

When we finally went up to purchase my chosen earrings (pink plastic half-moons hanging from a gold stud - the ultimate in eighties chic) the woman accused me of stealing and asked to look in my pockets. I was horrified and frightened and thankfully Mum put the woman in her place then dragged me out of the store. It was the first time I had heard of 'stealing', and have never forgotten the hot-cheeked injustice I felt.

These days, and I don't blame anyone, we are paranoid about being stolen from. Regardless, I cannot bring myself to buy anything from a store after being watched a little too eagle-eyed by an over-zealous shop owner. 

So, whenever I get the chance to buy from an honesty box, I can't resist. The fruit & veges are always fresh and delicious, and I love that the grower has complete faith in human nature to do the right thing.

Being trusted is a beautiful thing.


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