Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Food with a view

On Sunday we spent a lazy afternoon lunching on the deck at the Riverhead Tavern. Even though the sky was threatening to open at any moment, we braved the elements and were rewarded with uninterrupted river views (and thankfully a mostly dry afternoon).

Our table lunched on Sea salt & Szechuan squid, Espresso & blue cheese lamb, Cola pulled pork sandwich and Prawn & bacon pizza, washed down with boutique beers and Brancott Estate bubbles. The menu had so many delicious-sounding options, it was difficult settling on just one each. I can't wait to go back in winter, to make the most of a pile of fleecy blankets stacked outside should you need a little snuggle-factor.

At 153 years old, the tavern holds New Zealand's second oldest liquor license (after the Duke of Malborough in Russell), and it's a melting pot of everyone from bikies to wealthy retirees to young families.

It's now top of my list for visiting friends and family; a prettier lunch venue you would be hard pressed to find.


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