Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dance like no one can see you

In the lead-up to our wedding, over three years ago, I was feeling the usual anxiety and jitters until a dear friend soothed my nerves with his unexpected wisdom. 'Everyone turns up to a wedding wanting to have fun, and for the bride and groom to have the best day of their lives.' Once I realised the truth in his words, I could let go and enjoy our day for the celebration it was meant to be.

There is something about weddings that wipes away my inhibitions. I'm usually quite shy, but at weddings I'll talk romance to anyone and everyone who will listen. I guzzle the bubbles, revel in the best man's cheesy jokes and bust my best moves on the dance floor with not a care in the world. Conga? You bet. Limbo? Where's the broom!

Maybe I'll start living each day like it's my wedding...anyone for conga at Countdown?


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