Monday, February 27, 2012

Organical botanicals

I have been knocking around the beauty industry for a long time now, and have been lucky enough to experience some of the most beautiful and revered spas in the world, so it takes something pretty special to make me rave about a salon. Somehow, in the space of a month, I have two to rave about! 

I’ll tell you about my trip to Lucy & the Powder room later this week, but today, it’s all about a teensy little salon I visited in Ellerslie, X Factor.

Just a few minutes after meeting owner Jocelyn, her passion for sustainable practice was clear. X-Factor has been fitted out with only quality, sustainable materials and the serene, minimalistic vibe instantly put me at ease. Jocelyn prescribed an anti-ageing facial, and explained that the science-lab ampoule packaging was used in place of preservatives and chemicals – key to the Phyts philosophy.

Phyts have created premium, organic, 100% natural skincare out of their laboratories in France for over forty years and haven’t used chemicals or ingredients tested on animals, ever. The products contain no synthetic preservatives, no artificial fragrances, no colouring agents, no GMO, no petrochemicals and no parabens. Wowser…

After a quick glass of Intelligent Water, which has been treated so that the molecules are perfectly aligned (another story altogether, in the meantime you can google it), I was settled into my cosy treatment bed for a truly holistic hour and a half. I can’t call it a facial, because it was so much more!

A combination of smell, healing touch, soothing music, soft light therapy and Reiki, my whole body seemed to melt into the bed and when it was all over, I was calmer and more centred than I have felt in a long time, not to mention glowing skin to boot. My therapist, Alison, truly had the healing touch.

To read more about X-Factor visit their website, and if you’re out that way, I cannot recommend a visit highly enough.


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