Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday Scrapbook : It's the little things

I'm a big believer in little luxuries. It's the things you come in contact with every day, sometimes several times a day, that add up to a big chunk of potential happiness, especially when those little things make you feel good.

So, this week's Saturday Scrapbook celebrates the finer details in life...starting with hand soap. Until recently I was a hand soap cheapskate, buying whatever was on special, but then one day I discovered EcoStore Coconut & Vanilla. The beautiful packaging is just the beginning, and don't get me started on the brilliant dispenser that squirts out the perfect amount of soap each time (you need much less than you think). The actual soap is silky and gentle, and rather than smelling of synthetic coconut and vanilla like most commercial cosmetics, it has the faintest aroma of a freshly cracked coconut.

Next up is sugar. I like mine ragged with a good caramello flavour, and that's just what I get from my Chelsea raw sugar crystals. I use these instead of white sugar in everything, from coffee to baking to an impromptu hand exfoliation (combine a teaspoon with some olive oil and rub gently into your hands then rinse off and hey presto - softest hands ever).

Unfortunately I don't own this little sweetie yet, but I will as soon as they hit the shelves. Traditional smoke alarms are so ugly, but if they all looked like this I'm pretty sure more people would actually use them. 

Night Owl Paper Goods wooden card from MagNation

Friends and family will tell you, I'm hopeless when it comes to cards; unless I can make one myself I generally give card exchange a wide berth. $6 for a tacky picture and cheesy one liner that soon gets lost in the bottom drawer? Daylight robbery! My one exception are these beautiful wooden cards by Night Owl Paper Goods. They are substantial enough to want to keep forever, and sweet without being syrupy.

Which little luxuries make you happy, Beaunz belles?


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