Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Home made : Cloud pillow

My Mum just gave me her 25 year old sewing machine because it wasn't working and she was moving house, so it was on its way to the inorganic collection pile.

I took it home and had it serviced at Brian Deakin Sewing Machine repairs (husband and wife business, truly lovely) and hey presto, it hums like a limosine and my creative juices gain a new flavour...sewing!

I'm no fashion designer, and I certainly can't do anything even remotely complicated, but I love finding pretty fabrics and finishings then freestyling until I create something. 

My first project was this cloud pillow, loosely based on one I saw on the internet months ago, and unfortunately cannot locate again. It's made entirely from felt, the most forgiving of fabrics (thick enough to hide a wonky stitch), and literally took me 10 minutes from start to finish. I have identified that it needs a little more stuffing (another trip to Spotlight then - the home craftie's Mecca) and am going to add a few drops of lavender too.

You could easily freestyle it yourself, but if anyone would like the instructions, let me know.