Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cuddle me, cuddle you...

Topshop Unique AW2012, from

Is it wrong to be so excited about wearing top-to-toe velvet, and not just around the house? 

Every moment would have luxurious nap potential. Every seating surface would caress your bottom like duck fur - not feathers - fur; you know, the little tufts you see when they shake out their wings?

At London Fashion Week, Topshop Unique put our their coolest collection in ages, much better than last season's weird gilded, gaudy affair. Although chances are it will never see daylight, I really, really want this jumpsuit in my wardrobe...just in case I'm brave enough to work the teddy bear look in public. 

Hey, if it gets me a few extra cuddles, put me on the waiting list!