Friday, February 10, 2012

There's Hope for Riesling

What is it about Riesling that gets people so hot under the collar? You'd think they were offered a glass of elephant urine, not the sweet nectar of a local boutique vineyard (although Bear Grylls would clearly be happy with either...and if he came to dinner I would be happy to oblige). To the (faux) wine snobs I say this, in the nicest possible way...suckers! You're missing out. 

I discovered Greenhough Hope Vineyard through a friend, but the instant I saw the bottle I knew we were destined to be drinking recent short film was set in the town of Hope in Nelson, where this gorgeous Riesling is produced.

Fate aside, the wine is seriously yummy. Sticky, tart and gooey like a poached fruit cobbler, it had none of the syrupy sweetness I was expecting and so much flavour I had to stop what I was doing (let's face it, my first glass of wine is usually consumed while stirring a pot with the other hand) and close my eyes. Delish.

My daughter has just learnt the word 'mine!' I wonder where she got that from...