Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Don't forget about your laptop this Christmas

'Falling' Laptop skin by Cassia from Society6

I have this crazy love affair with my MacBook. On the one hand, I have heart palpitations whenever I find myself more than 5metres away from it. This 2kg sliver of gleaming white plastic has my life on it - music, photos, videos, portfolio, scripts...the lot. 

On the other, I frequently drip coffee on it, toss it in my handbag without a second thought, and laugh as my toddler bangs away at the keys 'sending emails'. To be blunt, I'm married to my laptop - I love it to bits and can't imagine life without it, but I'm usually taking it for granted.

So, this Christmas there will be a little present under the tree for Mackie...a beautiful book print laptop skin from Society6. If you haven't seen this website before, prepare to spend money the moment you do. Independent artists upload their works, and Society6 turns them into anything from laptop or iPad or iPhone skins to framed prints to hoodies and t-shirts. Genius! And a great last minute gift option if you still haven't started your Christmas shopping. drip...gotta dash.


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