Thursday, December 15, 2011

A man in a million

Happy Birthday Dad

My dad's the giant in the crowd,
head and boulder shoulders proud.
Behind two craggy brows he hides
those vintage February eyes.
Ever present as the sea
his grin, just to the right of me.

He gave my heart the hands to reach
and legs to dance and soul belief.
Salty walks with windswept nose
and barefoot scuffing sandy toes.
Feijoa flesh from cold teaspoons
and mornings filled with soggy tunes.

God built him tall so all could know
that bearded laugh and baritone.
He made his home a steaming bath
shone rainbows through his bursting heart
to which we, spidermonkeys, clung
a rooted tree bathed gold in sun.



Anonymous said...

sounds very boring, glad he's not my father

littlebow said...

this is beautiful. x the photo one in a million.x

John Key said...

Is that Andre the Giant?

Erica Kent said...

Dad - you can't hide behind the Anonymous tag...

Erica Kent said...

We used to tell everyone he was, John Key!

Anonymous said...

Just a great big, giant, teddy bear! xxx

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that was your dad's comment - I was just about to hunt 'anonymous' down and sort them out...lovely erica! xx (Emily)

Erica Kent said...

Emily - I recognise my Dad's humour a mile away! Happy for you to hunt him down and sort him out anyway... x